Services & Warranties

Eyewear Delivery

Your eyewear has been fabricated by specially chosen laboratory using state of the art technology according to the highest quality standards (International Standards Organization). Your eyewear has been verified by the Lab Technicians and then once again by our certified Registered Opticians.

Ongoing Eyewear Care and Services

Please visit any of our locations for the following complementary services to keep your eyewear looking great and feeling comfortable.

  • Eyewear adjustment
  • Minor Repairs
  • Frame and lens cleaning

Josephson Opticians recommends that you follow the instructions below to keep your eyewear clean and looking their best:

If your lenses are dusty, squirt a liberal amount of lens cleaning solution onto your lenses. Use a liquid lens cleaner that we recommend, or any other quality lens cleaner. Gently and briefly rub your lenses with your fingers to remove any abrasive particles from the surface.

Rinse the lenses thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Dry the lenses with a clean soft tissue or towel, then, finish cleaning the lens surface to a pristine finish with the quality lens cleaning cloth we have provided.

Cleaning a dirty or dusty dry lens directly with facial tissues, paper towels and dish towels may either scratch your lenses and/or leave an oily residue.

Warranty from Manufacturer’s Defects

All frames and lenses have 1 year limited warranty from manufacturer’s defects.
(Exceptions are items on sale.)