Progressive Lenses

First-time wearers of lenses that help one to be able to read more easily are always nervous about switching to progressive lenses – and we can understand why. The optical industry offers a plethora of progressive lenses that are available on the market today. Not every lens is equally effective, or visually as versatile to wear. Further, all of these choices can be extremely overwhelming. This is why our opticians are highly trained in selecting the most appropriate lens design that will be most suitable for you and your lifestyle. Not only will our opticians guide you through the selection process, but we will also take precise measurements that will optimize the quality of your vision. These careful measurements will ensure that you see comfortably, and that you have the widest visual field possible. We expect and will advise you that you should experience a very brief adaptation process period (less than two days) with your new lenses that we have custom selected for you. We also warranty all of our progressive lenses against non-adaptation. In the rare case that you are unable to adapt to your new lenses, we will immediately select an alternative optical design to improve adaptation and visual comfort. This means that if you have any difficulty with your progressive lenses we will work to resolve the problem with you to find the best visual alternative. Whether we need to make a simple adjustment, change some measurements, or remake your lenses completely – we are committed to you.

Bottom line: we want you to see comfortably, and we are here for you every step of the way.