Kid’s Lenses

At Josephson Opticians, we want your child to see well and wear lenses that are safe. We understand that children lead active lifestyles, which is why we always offer our young clients lenses that are highly impact resistant. At our Eglinton West location we have opticians who specialize in fitting children, and we offer a vast selection of children’s eyewear. Our friendly staff will cultivate a relationship with your child, and endeavour to fit them according to their needs.

Our opticians will work to educate your child on the importance and care of their corrective lenses. We do this so that your child will understand why they should wear their glasses full-time, and so that they will feel comfortable asking their optician questions whenever they need help.

Our company also offers specially priced Kid’s Packages that have extended warranties should they have a rapid growth spurt, prescription change, or if the lenses become damaged.