Scratch-Resistant Coating

Scratched lenses can  impede visual clarity and cause eye-fatigue; this is why a scratch-resistant coating is a “must-have” when it comes to protecting your eyewear investment. Unfortunately, lenses are made of an inherently soft, plastic material that can easily become scratched. With an added scratch-resistant coating these lenses will harden and become almost as durable as glass lenses. This clear coating covers your lenses on both the front and back surfaces, and protects them against everyday hazards such as dropping your glasses on the floor, or from cleaning them with a fibrous cloth. However, please remember that these lenses are scratch-resistant and not scratch-proof!

Anti-Reflective & Protective Violet and Blue Light Absorbing Coatings
From cell phones, to tablets, and computer monitors – as a society we are constantly bombarded with screens and the light from LEDs that power them! These computer screens emit light waves from LED’s that can be visually disturbing, and even damaging over time, and may cause eye-strain, interfere with normal sleep patterns and can cause retinal damage. A blue/violet filter will partially reduce these harmful forms of light pollution. A lens with an anti-reflective coating transmits more than 10% of light. In low light condition, anti reflective coating will make it easier to see hard to see details as the anti-reflective coating increases the light transmission of lenses to 99%. This small increase for example allows one to see more easily someone crossing the street on unlit or poorly lit roads.

UV Filter
All of our sunglasses come equipped with a clear UV400 filter that protects your eyes against the entire ultraviolet spectrum of light up to 400 nm. This filter is the best way to protect your eyes from UV damage which can cause premature cataracts, macular degeneration, as well as other adverse eye conditions.